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Telehealth (online video or phone) Counseling

Evolve Counseling & Behavioral Health Services offers telehealth (online video or telephone) sessions for adults, teens, children, couples, and families. In our best efforts to assist everyone in caring for both their mental and physical health during this difficult time, Evolve Counseling offers counseling sessions that can take place in the safety of your home through a HIPAA compliant video or telephone format. This can be a temporary or permanent option to best suit your needs during this time when social distancing is crucial.

While we understand that distancing ourselves physically is currently necessary to protect our physical health, we also know that with the increase in fear and anxiety surrounding the current outbreak, this is the time when mental and emotional connection is vital and most needed. Therefore, we are happy to provide telehealth sessions that allow us to support you through this worrisome time, while still maintaining your physical safety.

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