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Ema Grant, MS, LPC

Ema is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Arizona and graduated with a master’s in professional counseling from Grand Canyon University. Ema specializes in treating trauma, grief, and life transitions in adolescence through adulthood, with skills gained from training in DBT, IFS, and trauma-informed theory. She is also passionate about men's issues related to relational and emotional awareness, including developing skills to strengthen relationships and enhance life satisfaction. 


Life gets complicated, relationships get difficult, and our ability to cope can get overwhelmed. Often, past traumatic experiences make it difficult to manage our present circumstances. Through the work of therapy, you can develop skills to manage your emotions, build healthy relationships, heal past trauma, process grief, and create meaning and purpose in life. Ema will be a partner with you in your journey toward healing and wholeness, and will support you as you develop skills to become fearlessly authentic, resilient, and hopeful. 

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