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Kelsey Fitzhugh, MAS-MFT, LMFT

Meet Kelsey, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist skilled in nurturing healthier relationships and encouraging personal growth for couples, adolescents, and adults.

For Couples:

Kelsey believes that attachment and connection is the most powerful emotion in humans, which makes her passionate about working with all types of relationships. She specializes in helping couples navigate challenges including: communication, conflict resolution, trust and infidelity, resentments, & life transitions. As an LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist, she strives to create a warm and inclusive atmosphere where every couple feels valued and validated. Additionally, Kelsey is a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator, and enjoys assisting couples as they prepare for marriage or significant future commitments.


For Teenagers:

Kelsey has a deep understanding of the developmental challenges faced by teenagers, including peer pressure, identity formation, academic stress, and family conflicts. She prioritizes building a strong and trusting therapeutic relationship with her teen clients in order to empower them while they navigate these crucial years with confidence.


For Adults (or Teens):

In her work with adults and teens, Kelsey specializes in addressing: trauma, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, grief, relationship difficulties, & life transitions. She understands that beginning therapy can be intimidating and strives to create a safe and judgment-free environment so that the growth and change clients seek can occur. 


Kelsey completed her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at ASU and is dedicated to ongoing professional development to ensure she delivers the highest quality of care. She has training in various modalities including: EMDR, EFT, CBT, DBT, IFS and The Gottman Method. She recognizes that therapy is not one-size-fits-all and customizes her approach to meet the unique needs and goals of each client.

Outside of her therapy office, Kelsey enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and their two dogs, especially hiking in the Superstition Mountains. She's also a fan of true crime podcasts, with Crime Junkie being her favorite.

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