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Shea Saysavanh, B.S.

Shea is an intern and graduate student who is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology at Arizona State University. Shea believes that life can present challenges that leave us feeling confused, hopeless, and hurt. Her mission is to walk alongside her clients as they journey through self-discovery and healing, and collaboratively work towards creating the meaningful connections they may be seeking.  
Her therapeutic approach is integrative, and utilizes Psychodynamic theory, in addition to viewing her clients through the lens of Relational Cultural Therapy. This means that she aims to help her clients identify maladaptive patterns, heal from past experiences, and gain insight into how their past unconsciously influences their behavior. She is trained in CBT, DBT, and Trauma-Focused CBT. Shea works with clients struggling with ADHD, trauma, relational issues, anxiety, depression, attachment struggles, behavioral issues and life adjustments. She also engages in mindfulness interventions in session. 


In addition to her studies, she has a few years of experience as a life coach working with clients of all ages and walks of life. Shea wants to create a safe space that fosters trust, open communication, and empathy so that her clients can discover what a life worth living looks like for them.


Fluent in Spanish.

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