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Girls Empowered

Facilitators: Nina Sanyal, BA & Hannah Schlueter, BA


Date/Time: Saturday’s 11:30am – 12:45pm starting August 21st, 2021 – October 9th, 2021


Group size: Space is limited to 10 girls to ensure members are given adequate time and attention.


What you can expect: Girls Empowered is an 8-week group that aims to increase self-confidence and positive self-talk in high school aged girls. Girls Empowered will provide a comprehensive look at self-esteem by supplying psychoeducation as well as helpful tools members can apply outside of session to build self-esteem in day-to-day life. Nina and Hannah will use relevant tools that target poor self-esteem and negative self-talk in order to establish and more balanced sense of self. Girls Empowered will also utilize members’ strengths and peer support when working to achieve individual and group goals. Members can expect to participate in both individual and group exercises as well as frequent group discussion.


About your facilitators: Nina and Hannah are Masters of Counseling candidates at Evolve Counseling, and both share a passion for helping improve girls’ self-esteem. They recognize that high school is a critical period for the development of self-confidence and self-worth. Nina and Hannah employ relevant research and evidence-based techniques to help members build stronger self-esteem and construct a more positive way to talk to and about themselves.

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