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Support Group

DBT Group (Adult & Teen)

What is it?

We have both in-person and virtual groups weekly for adults and teens. The virtual group is available nationwide. The groups are open and take place every week, rotating through 8 weeks of topics. Even though the topics will repeat every 8 weeks, it is of value for clients to continue to attend to strengthen these skills. These groups are $50 per class and registration needs to take place before the group start time. 


When do they meet?:

In person group: Tuesday's at 6pm

Virtual Group: Wednesday's at 6pm

It is $50 per group and they can register anytime, even the day of. However, we do have to collect payment at the time of scheduling/registration.



Teen In-person: Morgan W

Adult Virtual: Ema



The topics are mindfulness, emotional regulation, reality acceptance, problem solving, interpersonal communication skills including communication and boundaries and distress tolerance. Each group consists of education on the topic/ why it’s important & how it applies to us and then its skills being taught to assist the teens. Worksheets, activities, and ways to practice skills some weeks include homework to have accountability for the teens.

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